About Us

„A smile is a curved line that can make right everything” – Phyllis Diller.

Based on this idea, we selected cheerful and energetic members of our team who play a huge part in our unique café. We work hard to make every piece of our offer from the best ingredients and with the best knowledge, and to serve you all in a calm, cozy and pleasant environment.

Monarchia Café is a timeless place, a meeting place. The Monarchia Café is a café in the old sense, which has preserved the classic style, with a bit of modern sparkle, in line with today’s trends and expectations.
Where a smiling face always appears. Where we await our guests not only with excellent coffee, but also with great snacks.
Where all ages will find recharging, refreshment and relaxing chat hours.

I opened Monarchia Café in 1998 and it has undergone several renovations and expansions since then. Hospitality is more to me than a job or a business: a hobby, a passion, a little bit of love – but let the blog, the arcticles and the posts talk instead of me…

Stefánia Kondor

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